White Oak’s mission is to “finance good businesses run by strong management that have good ideas, products, and services”. We proactively seek to lend to small and medium-sized companies who are driving employment, fueling the economy, and creating solutions to help society and the environment. Material themes that we value include combating climate change, promoting alternative energy, and supporting healthcare innovation, all of which drive performance and foster sustainability.


White Oak is dedicated to investing in companies committed to environmental conservation, social responsibility, and good governance (“ESG”). We believe companies who carefully manage ESG risks and opportunities should grow more valuable over time and deliver competitive financial returns.



For our ESG-dedicated strategy, we actively rate potential borrowers based on material ESG factors in accordance with our ESG policy and analyze the degree of positive impact they create both through and outside of their business models; this information and analysis is integrated in White Oak’s credit underwriting and investment decision processes. For our other ESG-friendly guidelines, please feel free to request our ESG philosophy statement.

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Our latest insights, press releases, and thought leadership in the areas of sustainability and responsible investing.

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We seek companies who are working in sustainable industries, safeguarding the environment, reducing emissions, and efficiently using resources. 

White Oak's mission is to lend to small and medium-sized enterprises who are fueling the economy and driving employment.

We pursue companies who are using science and technology to advance health and wellness.


White Oak's proprietary and customized ESG scoring framework for private market companies integrates foundational principles from the UN PRI and the Sustainable Development Goals. White Oak employs the SDGs along with other impact metrics in our reporting for investors.

Corporate Responsibility

At White Oak, we believe in being active participants in the communities in which we live and invest. It is our belief that it is good business to empower employees and assist in initiatives they are passionate about. Several of our employees sit on non-profit boards, and many more are directly involved in their various communities and causes by volunteering their time, talent and skills. Some of these organizations include the following:

Teresa J. Cutter
Managing Director
Head of ESG & Impact
White Oak Global Advisors, LLC