White Oak Lender Finance (“WOLF”) provides its clients with responsive, creative credit facilities tailored to the specific needs of their business. As a principal operating without the regulatory and capital constraints which impact many other lenders, WOLF is able to provide a full life cycle suite of solutions ranging from acquisition financing, warehouse facilities, forward flow arrangements and loan portfolio acquisitions.


White Oak Lender Finance provides revolving and term credit facilities to diverse clients operating across the commercial, consumer and esoteric finance markets nationwide and internationally. Based upon resident deep domain expertise, White Oak Lender Finance is able to quickly access a client’s needs and decisively deliver unmatched creativity and execution. Credit facilities are typically $20MM to $250MM+ and White Oak Lender Finance also has the ability to provide forward flow and loan purchase facilities.

The solutions offered to clients include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Revolving Senior Warehouse Facilities
  • Term Loan Facilities
  • Unitranche Facilities
  • Opportunistic Investments
  • Forward Flow Arrangements
  • Loan Portfolio Purchases
  • Mortgage Rediscount Facilities
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Risk Retention Facilities
  • Multi-jurisdictional


  • Hold levels up to $250MM+
  • Early stage to mature companies and funds
  • Hedge / Credit Fund leverage
  • Sponsored and non-sponsored clients
  • US, Canada, UK, Western Europe
  • Proven management teams
  • Competitive floating rate structures
  • Terms of 1 – 5 years
  • Diversified receivables portfolios
  • Differentiated, strong market position
  • Defensible business model
  • Resilient underlying asset values

WHAT MAKES White Oak Lender Finance UNIQUE

White Oak Lender Finance operates as a principal and couples the strength of its experienced management team with its significant financial resources. As a portfolio lender, White Oak Lender Finance directly originates, underwrites and manages every aspect of the business and seeks to create enduring and mutually rewarding client relationships


  • Proven expertise across commercial, consumer and esoteric asset classes
  • Team dedicated exclusively to the Lender Finance industry
  • Unregulated capital permits creativity, decisiveness and flexibility
  • Unparalleled transaction execution
  • Sizeable and committed financing structures
  • Full life cycle financing and long-term value


  • Consumer receivables (sub-prime to prime)
  • Commercial receivables
  • Esoterics
  • Corporate finance / leveraged loans
  • Loan portfolio acquisitions
  • Distressed debt buyer financing
  • Equipment loans and leases
  • Vacation ownership
  • Security
Michael C. Szwajkowski
Managing Director
(914) 671-4784