Get fast funding based on your existing receivables.
Turn your invoices into cash
If your company has reliable customers but needs funds to keep your day-to-day operations moving forward, we can help. Factoring with White Oak is a smart, simple and scalable way to finance your business today and tomorrow. We purchase trade or service accounts receivables and provide fast cash at a competitive rate.
Expedite growth
Expand your business and make decisions with confidence with our reliable funding. Up to $250 million in financing available.
Sustain longer payment terms
Utilize our funding increases and credit lines to support operations during longer terms from account debtors.
Avoid bad debt
Capitalize on White Oak’s expertise in reviewing customer orders, analyzing credit and steering clear of risk.
Solve for seasonality
Cover seasonal cash flow needs with flexible solutions that accommodate concentrated sales cycles.
Here’s how it works:
You Submit
Submit your company’s product invoices, service contracts or other trade receivables to White Oak.
We Buy
We review and provide quick decisions and flexible solutions on approved receivables. Extended terms available.
You Receive
We pay out your “future income” up front in exchange for a fee.
We finance a broad array of industries from coast to coast.
Food & Beverage
"We offer competitive rates, extended terms, and scalable financing to grow with your needs.
Recent Factoring Deals
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Home Appliance & Housewares
Rethink how your assets can work for you. Contact us today.
Robert Grbic
Chief Executive Officer & President
White Oak Commercial Finance, LLC
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