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Now more than ever, businesses need a financial partner who understands the unique challenges they face. At White Oak1, we provide a range of flexible financing solutions that gives you the liquidity you need to thrive.
Asset-Based Revolvers and Term Loans
Allows companies to access the value tied up in working capital and fixed assets, allowing them to fund operations, expansions or acquisitions.
Inventory Purchase Facilities
Enables companies to source their inventory on better terms than available through traditional supplier credit lines while improving their liquidity.
FILO, Stretch, and Structured ABL
Enables maximum liquidity by enhancing standard advance rates and access the capital tied up in IP, trademarks, and other asset classes.
Supply Chain Finance
Allow businesses to obtain an end-to-end financing solution to fulfill contracts and purchase orders from account debtors.
Factoring and Invoice Discounting
Allows companies to accelerate the payment of trade receivables and obtain credit protection against account debtor default.
Structured Sale of Receivables
Facilitates the improvement of liquidity ratios at period-end. Monetize trade receivables with a recurring sale of A/R directly or through an SPV.
Lender Finance
Providing revolving and term credit facilities to diverse clients operating across the commercial and consumer finance markets.
International Lending Solutions
Delivering customized credit facilities with local expertise across North America, Europe, and Australia.
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We see opportunity where others don't.
White Oak1 takes the time to understand a company's short and long-term goals, analyzing assets, capital structure, and cash flow to deliver the right solution.
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White Oak's1 international presence and ability to scale helps companies succeed across a wide range of industries in the U.S. and abroad. Recent deals include:
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White Oak1 has the international scope and talent to deploy capital to businesses throughout North America, the U.K. and Europe, and Australia.
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