White Oak provides a variety of credit services to help small and middle market businesses scale their operations, improve efficiencies and increase profitability. The team works closely with the CFOs and Treasurers of private companies providing them with independent advice and professional services on all aspects of credit, from syndicating loans to collecting invoices

Debt Capital Management
White Oak provides debt syndication capabilities, debt capital markets solutions and ancillary advisory services to corporate borrowers and institutional investors. White Oak has experience across a broad range of industries with demonstrated success in supporting businesses by raising capital throughout their balance sheets.

Trade Credit Risk Management
Learn more White Oak offers customer trade receivable risk management solutions designed to protect receivables and mitigate the risks associated with extending trade credit terms. Our solutions offer customers credit risk management while facilitating access to improved credit terms and larger credit limits, which can enhance competitiveness and translate to improved profitability and growth potential.

White Oak offers risk management services to all types of businesses ranging in size from entrepreneurial businesses to pubic companies and spans a variety of industries including apparel and manufacturing, technology and electronics, furniture and home goods. Our professional accounts receivable risk managers provide the outsourcing support to lower overhead, grow sales and improve profitability.

Accounts Receivable Management
White Oak’s outsourced accounts receivable management program can handle a client’s accounts receivable process for maximum efficiency and transparency. Our program encompasses the broad range of accounting and administration process from credit protection and collection services to cash application, bookkeeping and reporting. Our 24/7 online systems and comprehensive reporting provide regular access to current information.

Treasury Management
White Oak’s experienced treasury management team provides treasury solutions to a wide variety of businesses with the objective of enhancing their yield without compromising risk or duration. Our goal is to become an extension of each client’s treasury department as consultants on treasury practices and operations, investment optimization, risk management as well as other aspects of successful cash management.

In addition to traditional cash investment solutions, White Oak builds institutional investment portfolios using FDIC-insured certificates of deposit, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the U. S. government, and may yield significantly more than Treasury securities with similar maturities. White Oak provides a comprehensive, turnkey platform, which includes risk management, accounting, compliance and performance features.

Credit and Collections
White Oak has a full-service credit and collections department. We enable small, medium and large-scale firms to outsource their customer credit and accounts receivable collection services. Outsourcing these functions to an industry leader can provide administrative cost savings and allow management to concentrate on running the business effectively, with assurance that the firm’s customers are credit worthy and pose minimal financial risk.

Through White Oak’s credit and collection services, customers are screened for credit worthiness and undergo White Oak’s own underwriting and due diligence review. We also assume full credit risk on approved sales, while performing bookkeeping and collections work on our clients’ behalf.

With over a decade of experience and entrepreneurial spirit, White Oak strives to provide comprehensive value-added services and the support to grow.

Sector Expertise

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