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For Lockbox Inquiries: Please Call: 954-660-7470
For IT Help Desk Inquiries: Please Call: 954-660-7400
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Our new enhanced, more user friendly web application, is now available.

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If you cannot log in to the Online system or EDI web site, please call 954.660.7400 for assistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I correct if a wrong key is hit on my keyboard and the screen is locked.
A: By pressing the Left CTRL Key on your keyboard you will unlock the cursor so that you can move further on that screen.

Q: How many attempts can I try to logon to the system?
A: Our System only allows up to 3 attempts.

Q: How do I pull my own reports?
A: Report retrieval menu option 25 & 26 allows you to pull your needed report. Please see our training screen cast for further instructions.